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Natural Laminate Veneers

There are various shades and shapes of veneers, how do I know which one suits me best?

1-The shape, length and width of the maxillary anterior teeth are open to interpretation, including mathematical, physiological and psychological considerations.

2-Tooth alignment, in three dimensions, creates a pleasing tooth-to-tooth progression.

3-The position of the teeth in the dental arches also ensures correct phonetics and occlusion.

4-Sex, age and personality related to the contour of the anterior dental segment.

The Smile Catalog Contains
12 Different Styles of Teeth

  • Aggressive – Usually preferred by men, the “aggressive” style features square-shaped, uniform teeth.
  • Mature – Square-shaped teeth with slightly rounded canines, which are the four relatively long, pointed teeth in between your front teeth and your molars.
  • Vigorous – Square-shaped teeth, along with prominent, sharp canines.
  • Dominant – These teeth have a square shape with prominent front teeth, known as incisors, and rounded canines.
  • Focused – Slightly rounded teeth with square central incisors, which are the two centermost front teeth.
  • Enhanced – Slightly rounded teeth.
  • Softened – Rounded teeth that feature a subtle curve.
  • Functional – Slightly rounded teeth with pointed canines.
  • Natural – Has the same slightly rounded shape as “Functional”, but with very distinctly pointed canines.
  • Youthful – Teeth have a round shape with slightly longer canines.
  • Oval – Round shape with rounded incisors and canines.

Choose Veneers
by Face Shape

When choosing veneers, it is important to consider the shape of your face. Faces fall into four categories: heart, oval, round, and square. Each category has an optimal tooth size and shape that help balance your features and optimize your overall appearance.

While everyone’s face is slightly different, some basic rules for choosing veneers apply:

  • Heart-shaped faces work better with rounded and shorter veneers
  • Oval-shaped faces tend to look better with squared teeth, which add fullness and help widen the face
  • Round-shaped faces look better with veneers that are longer and more pronounced
  • Square-shaped faces look better with rounded teeth, as rounded teeth soften the defined jaw lines and other features of the face

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